New Skin Tattoo Removal program is a non-profit that removes visible tattoos at a low cost for adults that may hinder them from gainful employment and a peace of mind lifestyle.

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Our New Check-in Procedures

$80 up to 3-minutes or

$100 for 5-minutes

Sept  11, 2021    8-4PM

Sept  18, 2021    9-4PM

Sept  19, 2021    9-4PM

Oct 10, 2021     8-4PM (SUNDAY)

Oct 16, 2021     9-4PM

Oct 17, 2021     9-4PM

Nov 13, 2021     8-4PM

Nov 20, 2021     9-4PM

Nov 21, 2021     9-4PM

Our Cost

New Skin Tattoo Removal is a small nonprofit that provides low cost tattoo removal for individuals seeking a lifestyle change, job promotion, military enrollment and other personal reasons. Our staff are volunteers who believe in our mission. Our fees cover the cost of free tattoo removal for refferals through programs.

If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you cannot receive tattoo removal services.



New Skin Tattoo Removal proudly announces that we will remove any dots that are hindering you from a peace of mind lifestyle. Our goal is to help as many individuals willing to help themselves. 

We have a limited amount of

spots for these programs so please call for availability

Our Free Programs

Dot Program

Cancer Patients

We provide complimentary service to remove radiation marker tattoos for breast and ALL cancer patients. This service has really helped our clients who have BEAT CANCER and want all remembrance removed.   

New patients MUST meet with our Physician ​Assistant to go over any health issues. This consultation will allow our Physician Assistant to learn more about you and if tattoo removal is a good option for you.
We are HIPPA compliant to assure your medical information is safe and secure. 


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New Skin Tattoo Removal is a non-profit organization that provides low cost tattoo removal services to individuals and organizations.