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The Tattoo Removal Prison Project

Our mission is to provide hope, support, and a second chance to incarcerated individuals seeking parole and reintegrating into society. We understand the significant barriers faced by formerly incarcerated individuals when it comes to finding employment and reestablishing their lives. One of the major obstacles they often encounter is visible tattoos acquired during their time behind bars, which can be a deterrent for potential employers and hinder their chances of securing meaningful employment.

At The Tattoo Removal Prison Project, we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance at rebuilding their lives, and we are dedicated to making that happen. By offering free or heavily subsidized tattoo removal services to parolees, we aim to eliminate the visible reminders of their past and create a clean slate for them to start anew.

Our program operates within correctional facilities, working closely with parole boards and inmates to identify individuals who are committed to turning their lives around and are actively seeking parole. Through a thorough screening process, we select candidates who demonstrate a strong desire for change and a willingness to participate in our tattoo removal program.

Tattoo removal not only provides physical transformation but also empowers individuals by restoring their confidence and self-esteem. By removing visible tattoos, we help parolees overcome the stigma associated with their past and present a fresh image to potential employers. This significantly enhances their chances of securing stable employment, thereby reducing the likelihood of recidivism and promoting successful reintegration into society.

Your generous contributions will directly impact the lives of parolees by helping us cover the costs of tattoo removal procedures, including laser treatments, aftercare, and counseling services. Your support will make a difference in the lives of these individuals who are determined to break free from their past mistakes and build a better future for themselves and their families.

How Do We Put Your Donations to Work?

Every donation supports the The Tattoo Removal Prison Project. Below are our priority project allocations:


Covers the cost of one laser treatment for unlimited tattoo removal


Enables us to offer full or heavily subsidized tattoo removal programs to deserving individuals


Supports the removal of larger, more complex tattoos, also unlimited tattoo removal


Covers one month of tattoo removal for over 200 inmates and aftercare supplies after session


Supports three inmates with removal of larger, more complex tattoos, also unlimited tattoo removal


Covers one year of tattoo removal for over 200 inmates and aftercare supplies after session

By supporting The Tattoo Removal Prison Project, you join a compassionate community dedicated to creating a more inclusive society. Your contribution serves as a powerful statement that everyone deserves a second chance and the opportunity to transform their lives.

Together, we can break down the barriers faced by parolees seeking employment and assist them in their journey toward successful reintegration. Join us in making a lasting impact, one tattoo at a time.

Donate today and help us remove the visible marks of the past, clearing the path to a brighter future for individuals reentering society.

Thank you for your support!

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